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Eat Rice BlogThe Eat Rice food blog was founded in March 2011, but its roots go much further back. Author Anna (@islandstyle01) here introduces herself to the Hawaii food blog community:

“Eat rice. That’s what my mom says every night when our family gathers around the table for dinner. Though, if I were to be completely true to my Chinese roots, ‘sick fann’ is what she really says.

My obsession with documenting food a la Canon PowerShot started in 2004. While away for college in San Francisco, I discovered a whole new world of restaurants, eateries and hole-in-the-wall places that offered up dishes a local girl like me had never even heard of. So I snapped away, taking pics of the new adventures my taste buds embarked on, and never looked back.

Here I am, seven years later, still chronicling every appetizer, side salad, main dish and dessert. Only this time, it’s not just for me. Many of my local friends stayed on the mainland and only visit twice a year. And when you’re only home for a short time, you want to make sure you eat – and eat good.

The Eat Rice blog makes it happen. Here, I let the photos do all the talking.”

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