Golden Eagle Chinese Restaurant

Over the course of the past few years, I’ve been enjoying the food at Golden Eagle Chinese Restaurant located in Moili’ili via take-out and family dinners. Finally, in November 2010, my friend wanted to come here, so, I’ve been coming here for the past few months to experience the food and service IRL.

I was very impressed with the leather bound menu that I seldom see in other restaurants in Honolulu let alone a restaurant serving Chinese food. If this was your first time, and not knowing anything about this restaurant, the menu would be an indication that the food is going to very good.

Your food order is accompanied by Jasmine tea, water upon request, and smiles a mile wide from the owners – Jennifer and George – who are also your servers.

There were other dishes that I ordered over the past few months, but, didn’t have a camera available, so, some delicious photos were missed. Now, I carry the camera around with me all of the time.

Most of the dishes are under $10, and, for that price, you receive a generous portion of whatever you order.

On the surrounding interior walls, there are menus for parties for four or more persons that are very reasonable according to my friend who is very frugal. On sale near the kitchen entrance, there’s a wafer dessert that reminds me of a waffle cone – see pic – which tastes similar to Japanese senbei that is a great way to end your meal.

All in all, you will enjoy your visit whenever you can make it down there. Though the address for this restaurant is 2334 South King Street, their actual location is on the Young Street side of the building, so, don’t get lost. Until next time…

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Hours: Open daily from 10:30AM to 9AM

St. Louis Drive In

Located at the base of Wai`alae Avenue across St. Louis School and Chaminade University, is a locally owned eatery called St. Louis Drive-In. As far as I can remember, this establishment has provided locals and visitors alike with the comfort food that we all crave for from time to time. Many years ago, I worked in the hotel industry with the current owner and vividly recalled our conversation as he was making the transition to take over the ownership of St. Louis Drive-In. I’m glad he achieved his dream, as is the rest of the community.

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Over the decades since then, he has provided a place where we can go to really enjoy ourselves even if for just a brief time during our hectic, stressful day. The menu has pretty much stayed the same throughout the years, but, I’m sure that a few items were added to keep up with the evolving palates.

During my recent visits, I selected items from the menu that I haven’t had the opportunity to consume before, like the Students’ Special that consists of two burgers, a side order of fries, and, a drink ($4.90). Since this was my first time ordering this “Special”, I asked the counter person if I needed a student ID, and she gave me a quizzical look.

For my breakfast visit, I noticed on the menu that there was the ubiquitous Portuguese omelet and two scoops of rice with a side order of macaroni salad, a unique combination I haven’t seen elsewhere, yet. After a few seconds of looking at this combination on my plate, down the hatch it went, and I was very satisfied. I’ll be looking forward to ordering this again on a future visit. The beef stew that has been a menu staple all these years, is always safe to order when you want a quick pacifier. Nowadays, it’s difficult to find a restaurant that has good comfort food at affordable prices. There’s also an okazu-ya located next door, but more about this place next time. See ya!

* Please note that the black specks on the mac salad are pepper, not bugs.

Ono To Go

During the past few weeks, I had the distinct pleasure of dining at the Ono To Go food truck on several occasions. Through the coconut wireless, I heard that the food here is unique in taste, with an ambiance to match, should you choose to eat on location.

From afar on your first visit, you will notice the contemporary art displayed on the food truck, and, as you get closer, the smell of burning kiawe wood for the barbecue permeates the air. As we all know, we tend to eat with our eyes, but, the aroma of the various meats (Pulehu short ribs, chicken, kal bi & pork chops) sizzling on the kiawe barbecue will have your appetite grow exponentially, as it did on my first visit and subsequent visits.

I noticed that to keep a high standard of quality, the homemade chili pepper water is kept on ice as a condiment for the ahi poke bowl.

The food here is excellent with a staff that is friendly and very accommodating. As you view the picture gallery, you will want to visit this food truck as soon as possible to satisfy not only your appetite, but, your curiosity as well.

The On to Go food truck is located in a parking lot of an entertainment establishment on the corner of Makaloa and Sheridan Streets between Walmart and Kapiolani Boulevard. By the way, they don’t take reservations or credit cards, but, they will accept take-out orders via the phone and on Twitter. Until next time…



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