REVIEW: CPK’s Hawaii Exclusive Ahi Dishes

California Pizza Kitchen announced its “Next Chapter” menu in December, which included a number of dishes that were developed especially


Opulicious Restaurant

During several visits at lunch time, I was quite satisfied with the quantity and quality for the prices of their meals. The beef stew/chicken katsu combo, mini teri beef plate, hamburger steak plate, and cheeseburger deluxe were good in my opinion. And, I need to emphasize that the patties in the hamburger steak plate were homemade which means I will be back real soon. After ordering the food, we utilized the dining room area and the food came in a timely manner.


Zaratez Mexicatessen

During my previous visits to Zaratez, I’ve tried the burrito plate, mulitas, and the tacos, all of which that will take


Caryn’s Okazuya

Located on the mauka side of Young Street between Ke`eaumoku and Pi`ikoi Streets, cloistered among the apartment buildings in lower Makiki (Pawa`a), is a plate lunch/okazu-ya establishment owned and operated by Randy Miyamoto.


Kauai Sushi Station

Yelp Names Kauai Food Truck As Nation’s Top Sushi Spot

According to the Kauai Sushi Station website, the food truck can be found “across from The Costco gas station exit.”

Honolulu a Top 10 City for Coffee Lovers

Honolulu ranked first in coffee shops per capita, and seventh overall as a top city for coffee lovers.

Honolulu tops nation for Japanese, Korean food

Honolulu ranks as America’s most popular city for Japanese and Korean cuisines in America, according to a report out today from Chef’s Pencil. The

Marukame Udon tops restaurant list for Hawaii

The website compiled data from Yelp to determine the top restaurant for every state of the U.S. For the