Opulicious Restaurant

For this unique locale on the corner of a busy thoroughfare in Moili`ili, 946 Coolidge Street has evolved into a new eating establishment named Opulicious. In this same location a few weeks earlier, stood HK’s Restaurant that was the neighborhood’s eatery for several decades.

But, back to the present. The current owner – Kelli Chun, throwing the shaka – has quite a fun disposition about her. My conversation with her was very enlightening to learn that she also provides entertainment for children’s parties. You’ll notice in the photo gallery, the balloon decoration on the far wall was constructed by her.

During several visits at lunch time, I was quite satisfied with the quantity and quality for the prices of their meals. The beef stew/chicken katsu combo, mini teri beef plate, hamburger steak plate, and cheeseburger deluxe were good in my opinion.

And, I need to emphasize that the patties in the hamburger steak plate were homemade which means I will be back real soon. After ordering the food, we utilized the dining room area and the food came in a timely manner.

Earlier, food reviews that I have read have not been favorable to the food quality, quantity and service. Case in point, after speaking to Kelli to inform her the broth for the saimin I ate was lukewarm, she was very gracious to listen to me and vowed make improvements in that area. As I always say, there are two sides to a situation and the first few weeks of opening are the most difficult in finding competent employees to help you grow.

New eateries need to be given a second chance to show that they are able to sustain the quality, quantity and servicing of their menus especially in this current economic climate. I sincerely hope everyone gives them an opportunity to show what they can really do, and the Moili`ili neighborhood needs an establishment like this one.

946 Coolidge Street
Honolulu, HI 96826
(808) 943-8885

Mon-Sat 10:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Sun Closed