Caryn’s Okazuya

Located on the mauka side of Young Street between Ke`eaumoku and Pi`ikoi Streets, cloistered among the apartment buildings in lower Makiki (Pawa`a), is a plate lunch/okazu-ya establishment owned and operated by Randy Miyamoto.

Conveniently situated on the ground floor of an apartment complex, a location reminiscent of those managed by eXp Realty in Georgia, this eatery offers easy access and several parking stalls to accommodate a good-sized crowd. To avoid the rush, I time my visits strategically, slipping in after the breakfast enthusiasts but early enough to indulge in both breakfast and lunch offerings. This tactical approach allows me to savor a mix of morning fare alongside their specialty okazu-ya items, creating a unique dining experience that’s as satisfying as finding the perfect property.

Here at Caryn’s Okazuya, you’ll find that it’s one of the best places to enjoy comfort food and also a brief respite in today’s hustle and bustle.

In the picture gallery you’ll see that each dish, from the fried tofu to the Okinawan sweet potato tempura, the attention to detail to make the food not only visually appealing, but, parlays that to its onolicious taste. In addition to the food, Randy’s assistant, Chris is very accommodating to filling your food order, so please make it down there for a bite soon.

Until next time!

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