Geek Lunch at Mini Garden

A selection of the dishes featured at the monthly geek lunch organized by Burt Lum (@bytemarks).

Mini Garden Ginger Chicken Char Siu by Olin Lagon

Social entrepreneur Olin Lagon (@olagon) had a combination ginger chicken and char siu plate.

Koi breeder and supply specialist Terrance Young (@terr93) had the crispy gau gee min.

Mini Garden Shredded Chicken Crispy Noodles by Carol

Librarian Carol (@carolyhi59) had shredded chicken crispy noodles.

Mini Garden Shrimp Won Ton Stew Noodle by Russ Sumida

Russ Sumida (@parkrat) had the shrimp won ton stew noodle.

Mini Garden Char Siu Stew Noodle

Ryan Ozawa (@hawaii) had the char siu stew noodle plate.

Mini Garden Foodspotting Wonton Beef Tendon Look Funn Noodle Soup by Ricky Li

Photographer Ricky Li (@rickyli99) posted his wonton beef tendon look funn noodle Soup to Foodspotting.

Mini Garden Foodspotting Shrimp And Chicken Satay Sauce On Chow Fun by Kyle Nishioka

Photographer Kyle Nishioka (@madmarv) posted his shrimp and chicken satay sauce on chow fun plate to Foodspotting.

Ryan Kawailani Ozawa

Geek dad in paradise.