Feeding My Ohana

Shabu Shabu - From 'Feeding My Ohana' on FacebookCheck out Feeding My Ohana by Laurie.

Laurie grew up in Hawaii, went to school in New England, and now lives in the San Francisco Bay area. She’s building an evolving collection of easy-to-make recipes that celebrates “American” food, but seasoned with her cosmopolitan background. So you’ll find all manner of Asian, Yankee, Italian, French, Jewish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Mexican, Persian and Greek food.

“The vibe I always aim for is one that welcomes and celebrates everyone — the casual feeling of a potluck garage party or Ala Moana Park picnic,” she writes. “Non-Hawaii people like the Hawaii-food recipes, and people who are on the site that are actually in Hawaii trust me that the not-Hawaii recipes and restaurants will be good.”

To support the larger community in a food-related way, Feeding My Ohana has also sponsored annual virtual food drives to support the local Second Harvest Food Bank. This past year, the Feeding My Ohana ohana donated over $2,000 in two months.

To learn more, visit FeedingMyOhana.com. You can also follow Feeding My Ohana on Twitter at @FeedingMyOhana or on Facebook.

Ryan Kawailani Ozawa

Geek dad in paradise.