Gyu-Kaku Windward Mall

A short while ago, I met with a friend to talkstory at the Windward Shopping Mall. It has been quite a while since I’ve been to this shopping complex and was very pleasantly surprised at all the improvements Kamehameha Schools has made to their property. Looks like Kamehameha Schools invested a large sum of money to enhance the quality of life for the Kaneohites and the neighboring Kailuans.

Since I arrived early, I walked around and saw many new stores and restaurants with people milling about this complex. What caught my eye was a restaurant with a façade with the “Wow!” factor named Gyu-Kaku Restaurant. Looks like the owners of this establishment also invested a lot of money to make this a successful eatery.

After my talkstory meeting with my friend, I hurried back to Gyu-Kaku Restaurant for a quick meal before heading back over the Pali.

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Since Gyu-Kaku Restaurant just opened, I was quickly seated in one of the 132 seats that are available. My server Misty was very informative of the menu selection since I told her that this was my first time to their eatery. From the miso soup to the dessert, my meal was a very tasteful and memorable experience.

My selection from the menu for the entrée was the “Premium” – see photo above. This selection included miso soup, salad and rice with the entrée. The dipping sauces were flavorful, but, not overbearing as my selections were the Ponzu (citrus) and Tsuketare (soy garlic) sauces. I had to ask what type of rice -– the Ichimaru brand — was served with my meal since it was very flavorful and not your regular variety.

Even though the meal was very filling, I just had to have dessert, and, there was a chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream combo which I almost inhaled once it was served to me.

As a side note, since everyone is health conscious nowadays, the yakiniku stoves have a built in exhaust system that allows the patrons to not have any second hand smoke permeating their clothing.

Please visit this hidden gem in the Windward Shopping Mall, as I will be making a return trip in the near future. You can find more info on Gyu-Kaku Restaurant at their website and their Facebook page.