IT’SUGAR opening massive candy store at Ala Moana Center

IT’SUGAR, one of the largest specialty candy retailers in North America, is pleased to announce that it plans to open its first location in Hawaii at the Ala Moana Center in Honolulu.

At roughly 18,000 square feet, the new IT’SUGAR location, opening in time for the holiday season, will be the second largest candy department store in the world. Debuting later this month, this will be IT’SUGAR’s 100th location.

IT’SUGAR opened the world’s largest candy department store at American Dream Mall in East Rutherford, New Jersey in December of 2019.

Visitors to its Ala Moana Center location will be greeted outside by 5-foot tall Sour Patch Kid characters in a Hula Skirt, ALOHA written in gumball letters in the windows, as well as a vibrant customized Sour Patch Kid graffiti wall designed by esteemed global artist Jason Naylor.

“My dream has been realized a second time,” says Jeff Rubin, Founder and CEO, IT’SUGAR. “I am so excited to open a second candy department store and we look forward to immersing the people of Hawaii and all who travel there into the world of IT’SUGAR.”

IT’SUGAR’s new home-sweet-home is sure to bring a unique and delightful experience to locals and tourists alike. The brand, fondly known for its innovative sweets and hilarious novelty products will provide guests with an indulgent and humorous escape from everyday life. At IT’SUGAR, it is not only about taste, but also about attitude, and visitors feel that playfulness as soon as they walk into one of its locations.

Amongst the hundreds of confections, sure to delight both young and old, customers will be able to satisfy their cravings for fan favorite brands including Nerds, Starburst, Skittles, Pez, M&M, Warheads, Jelly Belly, Hello Kitty, Tokidoki and Pusheen.

The sugar filled oasis will also house branded Sour Patch® and OREO® shops. Immersive offerings including a Retro, TikTok, and an international candy section guaranteed to include fun-filled entertainment for everyone.

The new IT’SUGAR will be in the Ala Moana Center at 1450 Ala Moana Blvd., Suite 3404, in Honolulu.


Founded by candy veteran Jeff Rubin in 2006, this sweet experiential retail environment has become one of the largest specialty candy retailers in North America. The IT’SUGAR network consists of 96 retail locations in U.S. hotspots such as New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Dallas, Houston, and Chicago. Known for their absurdly wonderful sugar innovations that celebrate lighthearted rebellion, IT’SUGAR aspires to a future where everyone has access to the pure joy that comes from indulging in a world with fewer rules and more sugar. For additional information, please visit