Sweet Creams Introduces Takeout-Friendly Sherbert

On Sunday, September 20 (Wife Appreciation Day),Sweet Creams will launch new homemade sherbet treats to the public.

Sweet Creams is a locally-founded ice cream roll shop and claims to be the first to bring ice cream rolls to Hawaii. Citing innovations like 100% dairy free, vegan-friendly ice cream rolls, Sweet Creams prides itself on adapting to satisfy Hawaii’s ever-changing taste buds.

The ice cream store at 1430 Kona Street (next to Ala Moana) will offer a branrd new, locally-inspired sherbet line that’s takeout- and delivery-friendly.

Although Sweet Creams is known for its ice cream, customers can choose sherbet when they want something cold and sweet, but not overwhelmingly rich. Flavors include Strawberry Bliss, Li Hing Coke, Calpico, Orange Cream, Li Hing POG, and Melona.

Priced at only $4 each, customers have the option of ordering half-pints for store pick-up or delivery. To celebrate the launch, customers will also receive a free insulated tote bag when the buy 6 half pints or more.

“We’re excited to bring these new sherbet options to our fans,” said Jeffrey Kao, Co-Founder of Sweet Creams. “We’re proud to be Hawaii’s ice cream innovators and love to see the excitement when our guests take that first bite of something they’ve never experienced before.

“With the pandemic affecting not only local businesses but also our customers’ lifestyles, we wanted to ensure they are able to take our treats home or have them delivered so they can enjoy them in the safety of their own home,” he added. “We hope this puts smiles on faces when our community needs it the most.”

About Sweet Creams

In addition to catering events such as first birthdays, weddings and more, Sweet Creams opened the first ice cream store in Hawaii dedicated to the popular ice cream rolls craze that originated in Thailand. For over three years, they’ve garnered several awards while using fresh, local fruits and ingredients to offer unique ice cream and sherbet treats in fun and exciting ways. For more information and to order delivery or takeout, visit or its two stores at 1430 Kona Street (next to Ala Moana) and Pearlridge Center – Downtown.

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